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Primeval Human Performance is a holistic approach to health, performance and longevity focused on the constant exploration and exposure to new challenges and experiences to promote adaptation and growth so we can eventually become the best version of ourselves.



Breathing is the foundation of life, it’s the most primitive thing we do as human beings. We can go for a couple of weeks with no food and several days without water, but several minutes without oxygen. The first step in enhancing health, performance and longevity is through the optimization of breath. Being able to control your breath is integral every area of life.

Breathing influences every system and function within the body and if done properly, it will promote oxygen transport to all the vital organs and tissues of the body. Breathing can act as the doorway to a calm, relaxed mental state and can be used to control fear, anxiety, anger and stress while promoting restful sleep. Through correct breathing habits, new levels of health, performance, fitness and wellness can be realized, for any application or activity. Breathing practices have been around for centuries. Our breathing methods combine ancient practices with new age science to create a breathing program that can enhance performance across a wide spectrum of activities. From professional athletes, military special operations units and high-powered executives to young children and elderly alike, our breathing methods can set the foundation for massive progress in all aspects of one’s life.



We are made to move and perform. Whether you are a lawyer, a surgeon, an Olympic athlete, or a stay-at-home mom we all need to perform at the highest level daily. In the past century, a sedentary lifestyle centered on hours of sitting has become the new normal. Our goal is to get ourselves and you back to the kind of active lifestyle that humankind was designed to live. The average person spends up to 90 percent of their time indoors, according to the EPA. We want to equip you to be better than average, and to move throughout your day, spending as much of it outside exploring, learning, and challenging yourself as you purposefully move through nature as possible. We want you to develop the physical qualities necessary not just to survive but to thrive.


At Primeval Human Performance we constantly seek growth. That’s why we challenge you and push your boundaries. Whether its in a sauna, ice bath or underwater pool session we will expose you to a stimulus that might make you uncomfortable so you can adapt, learn, and grow. But to close the loop on adaptation, you need to pair appropriately dosed stimulus with adequate recovery. Recovery is the final and most important piece of the puzzle.

What We DO



Ayram Texidor is a US Army veteran and a human performance coach born and raised in Puerto Rico with over 10 years of experience working with a diverse range of athletes across various sports worldwide including the MLB, ITTF, NFL and Puerto Rico Olympic Committee. He also served as a performance coach for several MLB organization including the New York Mets and Seattle Mariners. Ayram holds a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion from Sacred Heart University of Puerto Rico, a master’s degree of Exercise Science from Pennsylvania Western University and a collection of professional certifications in strength and conditioning, breathwork, functional movement, and nutrition. Outside of training top athletes, Ayram is passionate and devoted to sharing his knowledge and experience with the goal of making the fitness industry better every day. He has a resilient pursuit of excellence which keeps him researching and exploring human and social behavior, psychology, cultures, and all things human performance. When he’s not working he can regularly be found challenging himself physically and mentally in obstacle course racing, trail running, hiking or just relaxing at the beach.


WHAT People Say


I Feel Alive!

"PHP's program have been very helpful inmany ways. Besides prehab, I have an appetite which is a big breakthrough. Sleep is more restful and I have more energy throughout the day. I now realiz how much my body has missed being physical active."

Cathie K.


My trust in PHP has truly paid off!

"I find the best guidance at PHP. I almost feel they were sent by an angel at a crucial moment in my life where dealing with my health post-covid and aging has been a challenge. Today staying fit and healthy has become more than a priority. I'm grateful for PHP"s expertise, for listening closely and impacting my life in the most positive way."

Nilka B.


What an experience this was!

"I absolutely love how PHP's ice baths make me feel. I'm definitely making this an ongoing routine in my life!"

Heather B.


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