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Immersion in cold water creates the ultimate fight or flight response. At that moment, you make the decision of either jumping out and running away from a perceived threat or calming the mind with slow diaphragmatic nasal breaths and working through the discomfort. When you master the cold, you realize you have control over your reactions. This feeling is powerful as you go about your daily life.

Max capacity: 8 people

Duration: 60/min session

Price: $95 up to 2 people +$15/each additional

Location: Your preferred location (home, park, office). Location must have a water source. Read location fees below.

  • Booking your session
    We will contact you within 24 hours after your purchase to schedule your session. If you have any questions we suggest you contact us before purchasing any of our services for more details.
  • What to wear and bring?
    You will want to wear whatever you’re comfortable ice bathing in. Most people opt to wear a bathing suit or something similar. Bring at least one towel, a dry change of clothes and 1 or 2 bottles of water.
  • Cancellation Policy
    All services are non-refundable. We know sometimes things happen that are out of your control. However, to avoid being charged the full amount please respect our 12-hour cancellation policy. Cancellations can be processed by calling us at 305-924-9933. ALL NO SHOWS will be charged the full amount.
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